What is the Internet Creators Association (ICA)?

We are a group that is free to join which aims to work together to promote legislation that helps digital content creators like ourselves and promotes the work each member does on the internet.

Who is allowed to join?

Individuals who create content on the web are allowed to join the ICA, regardless of the content (as long as it’s legal). We ask that if any of your profiles contain NSFW content, you put the Yes indicator on the question in your profile here to let people know who view your profile.

What are the goals of the ICA?

  1. Help creators of digital content get to know one another and get the public more aware of who we are.
  2. Work together to influence legislators to produce positive legislation for our members and digital creators at large.
  3. To become a well-known industry group for our members and potential members.

How can I help the ICA?

You can help us in several ways:

  • Promote our website to those who would be members or those who should know about us.
  • If you aren’t a member already, join today – it’s free!
  • Be polite to your fellow creators in our groups and forums here.
  • If you wish to help out with costs, you can send money here.
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